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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Best Romantic Mediterranean Vacation Spots

Impress your spouse with an unforgettable experience in Mediterranean. 
Here is my list for a perfect romantic vacation spots among Mediterranean countries.

1. Santorini, Greece

Santorini picture

2. Capri Island, Italy

Capri Island Picture

3. Venice, Italy
Venice picture

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik picture

5.  Kas, Turkey

Kas Picture

6. Oludeniz, Turkey

Oludeniz picture

7. Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla Picture

8. Cannes, France

Cannes Picture

9. Positano, Italy

Positano picture

10. Corsica, Italy

Corsica Picture

How to Hit on Waitress

"The postman wants and autograph. The cab driver wants a
picture.  The waitress wants a handshake. Everyone wants a
piece of you"
John Lennon

We are all stunned by the beautiful waitress.  Whatever your move is, it has to comply with the proper restaurant etiquette.

  • Stand out of the crowd, don't replicate the mistakes done by others who tried to hit on her
  • Make a great first impression-smile sincerely!
  • Be confident, interested and friendly
  • Make smart jokes if you can (but don't if you think you will screw it up)
  • Maintain an eye contact but, don't stare at her 
  • Build a strong connection, your eyes should give the message-I'm very interested on you
  • When the service delays. don't make any complains, just smile and ask politely
  • Be natural, comfortable and easy going
  • Compliment her about her dress, neckless, bracelet
  • Flirt with her but don't push it too much, it should look so natural and be be ver comfortable for her
  • Don't expect too much from this first attempt
  • Don't call her honey or sweetheart
  • Always thank her during her service
  • Tip at least 20%, you can even go for 25% depending on her service
  • Attach a special note (on a clean paper or napkin) with your contact info to your check saying "I'm pleased to meet my beautiful waitress today, you are so charming and I would love to take you out, please call or text me"
  • The last but not the least don't ever forget that she is a professional so don't expect any obvious sign or immediate response while her employers are watching her